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Jun 14

Guide To Refrigerated Transportation

Refrigerated transportation, known as the ‘cold chain, ‘is essential for transporting perishable goods in India. This method of transport ensures that food items, medicines, and other perishable products are kept at the right temperature to prevent spoilage. The significance of refrigerated transportation in India has grown due to the increasing demand for fresh food, the […]
Jun 12

Reefer Containers in India: Costs, Factors, and Benefits.

Reefer containers, also known as refrigerated containers, are essential for transporting perishable goods such as food and pharmaceuticals. These containers maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring products remain fresh during transit. In India, the demand for reefer containers is increasing due to the growth of industries that rely on cold-chain logistics. Understanding the detailed Reefer Container […]
Jun 11

Understanding Reefer Containers and Their Prices in India

Reefer containers, known as refrigerated containers, are not just ordinary shipping containers. They are specially designed to transport perishable goods at specific temperatures, ensuring the products remain fresh and safe during transit. These containers, with their refrigeration units, play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive items like food and pharmaceuticals, […]
Jun 03

Reefer vs. Dry Containers for Transporting Goods

When it comes to transporting goods, the choice of truck is not just a matter of preference but a crucial decision that can significantly impact the quality and safety of your cargo. Two main types of trucks are commonly used: reefer trucks and dry trucks. Each type has its own set of advantages and uses. […]
May 20

Features And Functions Of PPGI Metal Boxes

A revolution is underway in many industries because of the extraordinary durability, versatility, and affordability of prepainted galvanized iron (PPGI) metal containers. Modern logistics and construction are built on the creative storage and transportation solutions that these boxes represent. Among their many purposes, they are the cornerstone of refrigerated transportation and are indispensable in sustainable construction techniques. […]
May 15

Exploring The Size And Capacity of Reefer Containers

Businesses that handle the transportation of perishable goods need to be well-versed in truck container capabilities. Reefer containers, commonly referred to as refrigerated containers, are an essential component of the global supply chain for the safe and effective transportation of perishable goods across extended distances. This comprehensive reference will explore the many aspects of refrigerated […]
May 09

Thinking About Investing in a New Reefer Truck

Sub zero Investing in a new Reefer Truck manufacturer in India can be a great business decision, but it’s essential to consider a few things before purchasing. First, you’ll need to determine your budget and research different models and best reefer box manufacturing to find the best option for your needs and budget. You’ll also want to […]
May 07

Exploring The Applications & Functions of PUF Sandwich Panels

Finding materials with the ideal balance of strength, lightweight, and practical insulation against various environmental forces is a constant problem. Sandwich panels have revolutionized multiple industries during the past 20 years, including aerospace, automotive, and construction. A fresh approach has now surfaced to deal with these demanding requirements. Understanding Sandwich Panels The core concept of […]
May 04

Discover The Key Components of Reefer Containers

Reefer containers, known as refrigerated containers, are essential to the global supply chain for delivering perishable goods, including fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, prescription drugs, and more. When products are transported in these truck containers, which maintain a regulated temperature environment, they are kept in perfect condition and have a prolonged shelf life. This blog will explore the principles […]
May 02

The Science Behind Temperature Control in Retail Cold Storage

Systems for cold storage play a critical role in the preservation of perishable commodities, including food and medications. Because chiller facilities are essential to maintaining the quality and safety of these goods, the science of temperature management in these establishments is extremely important.  The industry is experiencing an amazing time of growth because of the […]