Sub Zero began its journey in 2015 as an offshoot of the pioneering commercial vehicle body building company Jayanand Khira, established in 1949. The Khira Group is widely recognized in the Indian market and has been manufacturing refrigerated vehicle bodies since 1985. Taking this expertise forward, Sub Zero brought in world-class reefer box manufacturing technology from Israel with a focus to provide high quality products at a competitive price designed especially for the Indian market. Sub Zero introduced composite sandwich panels using GRP which provides multiple advantages such as making the bodies lightweight, ensuring longer product life, no corrosion issues and better aesthetic. Customers benefit through increased payloads, better fuel efficiency and reduced running of the refrigeration unit.

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Deep Khira

Being a young manager, Deep Khira brings a good balance of experience and enthusiasm to a business. Having worked in different functions and through overall management of the company, With a Masters in Automotive Engineering, Deep has knowledge in Engineering & Manufacturing as well as in Sales & Finance. Having studied and worked in the UK and US, he understands what is required to work at global standards.

He is very well known to all major companies involved in Cold Chain logistics and this is the industry he wishes to focus on and service.


To become the leading manufacturer of insulated truck bodies in India and improve quality of Indian cold chain infrastructure thus reducing wastages in the supply chain.


Manufacture premium quality insulated truck bodies at a competitive price and by maintaining delivery schedules, thus ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.


Sub Zero factory is located in Pune and is equipped with all the required tools and machinery for manufacture of high quality refrigerated truck bodies. The factory is designed in a way to optimise the production process and reduce delivery lead times to customers. There are tools and systems in place to ensure quality control and high standards.


Sub Zero offers leading technology from Israel to the Indian market. All the machinery is imported from Israel along with design and engineering for making high quality reefer and dry boxes. Sub Zero offers solutions for all kinds of trucks right from pick-ups to semi-trailers. We design light weight boxes where payload is critical as well as design for heavy duty applications. Sub Zero uses engineered sandwich panel technology for making truck bodies and refrigerated containers.

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