These boxes are manufactured with GRP skins externally and internally making the boxes lightweight and ensure maximum payload to customers. With sufficient reinforcements inside the sandwich panels, these boxes are well suited for heavy duty applications. The GRP material is imported from leading manufacturers in Germany. GRP used by Sub Zero always comes with a UV resistant gel coat. GRP is HAACP compliant material and is food safe. GRP offers much better insulation properties compared to steel.

Our GRP boxes are constructed from a single piece of GRP, providing unparalleled strength and eliminating weak points often found in assembled units. The internal reinforcements within the sandwich panels further enhance their suitability for heavy-duty applications, ensuring that our boxes can withstand the demands of rigorous transport conditions.

Beyond their functional advantages, Sub Zero’s GRP boxes are designed with aesthetics in mind. Their sleek and modern appearance not only enhances the visual appeal of the transport units but also provides an excellent canvas for branding. The smooth surface of the GRP material is ideal for custom graphics and logos, allowing businesses to leverage their logistics operations as a mobile marketing tool.

Moreover, GRP’s superior insulation properties compared to steel make our boxes an ideal choice for temperature-sensitive cargo, ensuring products are transported in optimal conditions. Combined with the fact that GRP is HACCP-compliant and food-safe, GRP boxes are not just a logistical solution but also a commitment to quality and safety.

Our Steel boxes represent a fusion of innovation, efficiency, and safety. With their lightweight design, UV resistance, strength, and aesthetic appeal, our boxes offer a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their logistics operations while promoting their brand on the move. Our commitment to using high-quality, food-safe GRP ensures that our boxes are not only practical but also comply with the highest standards of cargo transport.

Why GRP boxes?

  • Light weight boxes maximizing payload
  • GRP comes with a UV resistant gel coat
  • Single piece GRP provides strength
  • Aesthetically pleasing and good for branding