Double Deck

Sub-Zero Reefers stands at the forefront of innovation within the transportation and refrigeration industry, offering specialized applications that cater to unique and advanced needs. Among our cutting-edge solutions are the Double Decker, Multi-Temperature boxes, and custom-designed Caravans, each reflecting Sub Zero’s commitment to technological advancement, customization, and client satisfaction.

Double Decker

Double Deck

The Double Decker application is a testament to our ingenuity and innovation. Developed for Geetee Carriers, this patented technology showcases Sub Zero’s ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver results that redefine logistics efficiency. The Double Decker allows for the transportation of twice the cargo in the same footprint, a revolutionary solution that maximizes space utilization and reduces operating costs and carbon footprint. Delivering this advanced technology project within a stringent timeline highlights our dedication and capability to bring groundbreaking solutions to the market.


Multitemp Subzero

Recognizing the diverse needs of the cold chain industry, we have mastered the design and manufacture of Multi-Temperature boxes. our specialized containers are tailor-made for customers requiring the transportation of products at different temperature settings within the same vehicle. Equipped with side doors, fixed and movable partition walls, ducting, thermostatic control fans, and multiple evaporators, our boxes offer unparalleled flexibility and precision in temperature management. Sub Zero’s expertise in creating our complex systems ensures that everything from fresh produce to frozen items can be transported under optimal conditions, preserving quality and extending shelf life.


Subzero Caravan

Our capabilities extend beyond commercial solutions into the realm of personalized luxury with its custom-designed Caravans. our motorhomes are built to offer the ultimate in comfort and mobility, enabling adventurers and travel enthusiasts to explore without boundaries. The approach to Caravan design emphasizes customization, allowing clients to tailor every aspect of their mobile home to their preferences. From layout to amenities, Sub Zero’s Caravans are crafted to provide a seamless blend of home comfort and the freedom of the road.