Sub Zero began its journey in 2015 as an offshoot of the pioneering commercial vehicle body building company Jayanand Khira, established in 1949. The Khira Group is widely recognized in the Indian market and has been manufacturing refrigerated vehicle bodies since 1985. Taking this expertise forward, Sub Zero brought in world-class reefer box manufacturing technology from Israel with a focus to provide high quality products at a competitive price designed especially for the Indian market. Sub Zero introduced composite sandwich panels using GRP which provides multiple advantages such as making the bodies lightweight, ensuring longer product life, no corrosion issues and better aesthetic. Customers benefit through increased payloads, better fuel efficiency and reduced running of the refrigeration unit.


Mobile Test Laboratory

These are custom built mobile test laboratory. Proudly made in India with global quality standards. Manufactured from composite sandwich panels, these units are complete with stainless steel interior furniture, on board WC facility, air conditioning and everything required to make this a productive working space.

Covid Test Laboratory Vehicle

Mobile diagnostics laboratory built with extremely hygienic materials on the interior for emergency usage during pandemic.

Special-Purpose-Laboratory Vehicle
Pollution Control-sz

Pollution Control Laboratory Vehicle

With the rise in pollution levels globally, these vehicles prove to be need of the hour. The on board laboratory can be used to study pollution levels at any location and recommend corrective action for improvement of our environment.

Bike Testing & Service Vehicle

Automotive and bike enthusiasts no longer need to worry about finding nearby service stations. This on-the-go service station can help with bike transportation, testing as well as service related issues.

bike-testing (1)

Mobile Vaccination Unit

These mobile vaccination vehicles are equipped with all facilities required to conduct vaccination drives and medical camps. Features include onboard WC, air conditioning, generator and plenty of storage. This is a customisable product and can be designed as per requirements.

Portable Medical Unit

Our portable medical unit is the perfect solution for providing health care to remote areas where there is a lack of medical infrastructure. The unique aspect of this solution is that it is equipped with an expandable feature and instantly doubles in area.

Medical Unit category (1)

Multi-temperature Partition Systems

Different types of partitions for various applications and payloads.

Mobile Cranes

Truck mounted cranes can provide very useful for safely loading and unloading heavy equipment anywhere. These trucks are specially useful in remote areas where there are lack of proper facilities for loading/unloading.

mobile crane

Recreational Vehicle

The ideal vehicle for the families for travelling long distances. Packed with five star amenities and features. Comfortable travel with economical costs. A novel tourism business proposition.


Ambulances We manufacture ambulances as per AIS 125 certification and guidelines. These ambulances can be basic patient transport vehicles as well as fully loaded with medical equipment.

mortuary-vans (2) (1)

Mortuary Vans

We custom design and produce mortuary vans with several optional features such as stretcher, air-conditioning, etc.

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