These are custom built mobile test laboratory. Proudly made in India with global quality standards. Manufactured from composite sandwich panels, these units are complete with stainless steel interior furniture, on board WC facility, air conditioning and everything required to make this a productive working space.

Sub-Zero Reefers is at the forefront of innovation, demonstrating its prowess once again with the introduction of custom-built mobile test laboratories. our state-of-the-art units are a testament to our commitment to quality, functionality, and the advancement of mobile laboratory services. Proudly made in India, our mobile labs adhere to global quality standards, setting a new benchmark in the realm of portable scientific research and testing facilities.

The construction of our mobile test laboratories involves the use of composite sandwich panels, a choice that underscores our dedication to durability and insulation. This material ensures that the labs are not only structurally sound but also maintain optimal internal conditions, crucial for the precision and accuracy of laboratory work. The incorporation of stainless steel interior furniture further elevates the quality and longevity of our units, providing a clean, sterile environment necessary for laboratory operations.

Understanding the demands of a working laboratory, Sub Zero has meticulously designed our mobile units to encompass all the essentials of a productive workspace. Equipped with onboard WC facilities, our labs ensure comfort and convenience for the staff, allowing for extended periods of operation in remote or underserved areas. The addition of air conditioning creates a controlled environment, essential for both the comfort of the personnel and the integrity of the laboratory tests being conducted.

The versatility of our mobile test laboratories is unmatched. Designed to serve a wide range of applications, from environmental testing to medical research, our units can be deployed across diverse locations, bringing critical laboratory services to where they are needed most. The mobility of our labs not only facilitates on-site testing and immediate results but also greatly expands the reach of scientific research and diagnostics, making it accessible to remote communities and industries.

Sub Zero’s mobile test laboratories are a shining example of the company’s innovative spirit and commitment to contributing positively to society. By combining state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques with practical design solutions, we have created a mobile laboratory solution that meets the highest standards of quality, functionality, and reliability.

our custom-built mobile test laboratories are more than just vehicles; they are fully functional laboratories on wheels, designed to take scientific research and diagnostic testing to new heights. With their global quality standards and comprehensive features, Sub Zero’s mobile labs are poised to make a significant impact in fields requiring mobile testing solutions, reflecting the company’s vision of leveraging technology for the greater good.