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We custom design and produce mortuary vans with several optional features such as stretcher, air-conditioning, etc.

Our mortuary vans are not just vehicles; they are a tribute to the departed, ensuring their final journey is handled with the utmost respect and dignity. Sub Zero Reefers offers a bespoke design service, allowing for a range of optional features to be incorporated according to specific needs and traditions. Each van is built with care, reflecting our commitment to providing a service that honors the deceased and provides comfort to families during difficult times.

At Sub Zero, we understand that the transport of the departed is a service of compassion and sensitivity. Our mortuary vans are constructed with high-quality materials and advanced refrigeration technology to maintain an appropriate environment. The vehicles are engineered for reliability and smooth operation, ensuring a serene and uninterrupted journey.
Our commitment to providing dignified transport solutions extends beyond the design and manufacture of mortuary vans. Sub Zero is dedicated to supporting funeral service providers and communities with vehicles that reflect respect and care. By offering customizable options, we ensure that our mortuary vans meet the cultural and personal preferences of the families served, making a difficult time a little easier.

mortuary vans represent our dedication to offering respectful, dignified, and high-quality transport solutions for the departed. Custom-designed with optional features to meet individual needs, our vans are more than just a means of transport; they are a final gesture of respect and care for loved ones.