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Apr 30

The Rising Demand For Refrigerated Trucks In The Indian Market

The refrigerated truck industry in India is experiencing notable growth propelled by the expanding cold chain logistics sector and the increasing prevalence of retail food services. The demand for efficient cold chain logistics, particularly Refrigerated Trucks, is on the rise. Market Overview: Recent reports showcase the Indian refrigerated truck market’s substantial growth, reaching INR 5.4 […]
Apr 27

What Is Inside A Refrigerated Container?

What Is a Refrigerated Container? The purpose of a refrigerated container, sometimes referred to as a reefer, is to regulate the temperature inside a shipping container that was initially intended to carry climate-controlled goods worldwide. Today, these containers are also re-purposed for home and office use. Reefer containers are equipped with microprocessors that digitally record […]
Apr 25

The Process of Refrigerated Truck Body Creation

Refrigerated trucks are vital in today’s expanding perishable goods delivery industry. Specialized trucks are needed to protect the quality and safety of perishable goods, including food, medications, and other perishable things.  India has seen a sharp rise in the need for refrigerated vehicles as a result of its sizable agribusiness and expanding pharmaceutical sector. This […]
Apr 23

Why Your Business Needs Refrigerated Trucks | Sub Zero

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Apr 17

Exploring Cold Storage Solutions for Various Needs

The relevance of refrigerated container systems cannot be overstated, given the rapidly shifting global environment and the growing need for perishable goods across continents. The main uses of cold storage are in the transportation, preservation, and storage of perishable items such as food and medications, which ensures their quality and freshness throughout time.  The exploration […]
Apr 11

Reefer Container Insights and Operations

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Apr 08

Essential Steps: Attaching Refrigerated Containers to Trucks

When it comes to maintaining the temperature of perishable items while they are being transported, refrigerated containers are necessary. On the other hand, the question arises of how we can safely attach these cumbersome and chilly containers to automobiles. Understanding Refrigerated Containers Refrigerators that are portable and enormous are known as refrigerator containers. To maintain […]