Motor India – August 2015

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Motor India – August 2015

Sub Zero Insulation Technologies is bringing forward new-age insulated truck bodies in technical collaboration with Isi Yogev Industries, Israel. Isi Yogev is the only authorized sup- plier to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Mr. Deep Khira, CEO, Sub Zero Insulation Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune, shares his observations about the domain.


How does Sub Zero go about with its reefer building/integration program?

Reefer body building is highly customised, we understand our clients requirements thor- oughly and accordingly design boxes. We also work closely with cooling unit suppliers to ensure that the required temperature is maintained well and the product reaches from A to B location without any problems. Sizes range from 8’ to 40’ and temperature requirements also vary from -25 deg to +15 deg. We are seeing an increased demand for pick up models 8’ boxes for transportation within cities. Popular sizes would be 14’ and 20’, these are preffered by TPL companies.

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