Cooling India – May 2019

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Cooling India – May 2019

In the May 2019 edition of Cooling India, Sub Zero, a prestigious Khira Group company, was spotlighted for its pivotal role in transforming the cold chain industry through the manufacturing of advanced technology-insulated truck bodies. Our innovative solutions are essential for the efficient transportation of perishable items, ensuring freshness and quality from point A to point B. Deep Khira, the CEO of Sub Zero Insulation Tech Pvt Ltd, delved into the company’s journey, its substantial impact on the cold chain sector, the unique solutions it provides, and the myriad challenges faced along the way.

Our journey began with a simple yet ambitious vision: to revolutionize the transportation of perishable goods through cutting-edge insulation technology. The company has steadfastly adhered to this vision, evolving with the dynamic demands of the cold chain industry. Our insulated truck bodies, renowned for their durability, efficiency, and superior insulation properties, have set a new standard in the transportation of temperature-sensitive products.

The cold chain industry, as Deep Khira highlighted, has undergone significant transformations over the years. With the growing global demand for fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, and other perishables, the need for advanced refrigeration and insulation solutions has never been more critical. Sub Zero has been at the forefront of addressing our needs, innovating and adapting its products to meet the increasing and changing demands of the market.

It offers a variety of solutions tailored to different segments of the cold chain industry. From GRP and steel reefer boxes to specialized dry freight boxes and customized solutions for unique applications, It’s product range is designed to cater to the specific needs of its clients, ensuring the optimal preservation and transportation of goods.

However, the journey has not been without its challenges. The cold chain industry faces numerous hurdles, including regulatory changes, environmental concerns, and the need for sustainable practices. Deep Khira emphasized the company’s commitment to overcoming our challenges through continuous innovation, sustainability initiatives, and staying abreast of industry trends and regulations.

We featured in Cooling India’s May 2019 edition sheds light on the company’s vital role in enhancing the cold chain industry. Under Deep Khira’s leadership, Sub Zero continues to pioneer solutions that not only meet the current demands of the market but also anticipate future needs, ensuring the company remains at the cutting edge of the cold chain technology sector.

Sub Zero is a Khira Group company that manufactures advanced technology insulated truck bodies used for transportation of perishable items.

Deep Khira, CEO, Sub Zero Insulation Tech Pvt Ltd sheds light on its journey, transitions in cold chain industry, solutions offered by the company, challenges and many more in an interaction with Cooling India.

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